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About us

Introducing MNMLST -  a contemporary collection based on the principles of slow design, intuitive functions, and the aspiration for a minimalist lifestyle.



Most often we have too many bags with things lost and found in between. The answer to fast fashion and throwaway culture, MNMLST aspires to thoughtfully designed creations that withstand time and season.  From concept to completion, the slow design principles behind MNMLST allows each bag to be the one you will love and treasure for many years to come.


Each MNMLST model is created to anticipate all your needs and wants. Hidden pockets for everyday items, freestanding base, bag-to-backpack convertible style and more - all carefully designed for your peace of mind.


Believing that a simple lifestyle allows us to live more each day, we created MNMLST with the hope that each bag is more than just an everyday item. This collection expresses our wish that we can all pursue what matters most:  freedom from worries, the joy of travel, and quality time spent with your loved ones.